Water Department

9/13/21 Water Update (#2)

We are now in a critical situation. The spring is yielding much less water than we are using. The reservoir is at about 50% capacity and the level is now dropping by nearly .25 feet per day. At the current rate we will run out of water during the first week of October. We are working to drill a well but will not have it hooked to the system until next year.

Please do everything possible to conserve water. Please also share this notice with your neighbors.

Thank you,

Franklin Water Commission


Water Update #1:


The reservoir level continues to drop. We ask that everyone do their part. If the reservoir drops to a point where we need to haul in water it will be very expensive and will likely result in an increase in water bills.

  • Outdoor uses of water are still prohibited.

  • Please conserve indoors wherever possible.

  • Please report and/or repair any leaks or drips. These all add up over the day and do make a difference.

  • Look outdoors for soft spots on your lawns or sink holes. Check that hoses are turned off and not leaking.

Our plan to remedy the issue:

We are in the process of establishing a second water source. This effort began in August of last year. We have hired an engineer, filed a permit with the state to drill a well and are on the schedule with a well driller to drill in the next month or two. It is our hope to be able to connect this well to the distribution system next year.

Thank you,

Franklin Water Commission

August 11, 2021



Due to dry conditions slowing the yield of our spring, we are putting into effect a mandatory water conservation plan. Until further notice all village water system users need to conserve water wherever possible.

The following activities are prohibited during this period.

  • Outdoor watering

  • Use of sprinklers

  • Filling pools

  • Washing vehicles

  • Recreational uses of water

*Please limit indoor uses wherever you can. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t let water run while brushing teeth or shaving

  • Fix leaky faucets or toilets that run constantly.

  • Take shorter showers. (An 8 minute shower uses approximately 20 g. of water)

  • Do only full loads of laundry or dishes.

Please fix and report any water leaks, sounds of running water or wet areas that normally would be dry.

Please contact water operator Jeremy Barnum at 802-324-2580 or 802-285-2180 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Franklin Water Commission