Water Department


Updated July 9, 2021

Important Water System Notice

The dry conditions are taking a toll on our water supply. Currently we are maintaining a full reservoir however based on a usage change over the last 24 hours we believe there is one or more leaks. While there is not a need yet to employ conservation efforts there are things you can do to help:

Make sure water spigots are off when not in use. Often hoses or nozzles may leak when the hose is pressurized.

  • Do not leave sprinklers on over-night.

  • Look for soft spots on your lawn or areas where the grass is growing better or greener.

  • Look for leaks in your basements.

  • Fix any toilets than run continuously or faucets that drip.

  • Listen to your water line by putting your ear up to it where it comes into the building. If you hear anything it likely means there could be a leak underground.

Please report any of these issues immediately to water operation Jeremy Barnum at (802) 324-2580.

Thank you.

Franklin Water Commission