Zoning Office

Franklin Zoning Administrator is Wendy Sargeant

The Zoning administrator’s hours are by appointment

Telephone: 802-285-2101 Fax: 802-285-2181 E-mail: franklinzoningadmin@franklinvt.net

Permits are posted in the Town Clerk’s Office for public inspection.



Development Regulations

Town Plan

Vermont Shoreland Protection Act Information

Building Permits: Approved, Subject to 15 day appeal period:

Land Owner/Applicant Location Permit Type Permit # Issued Effective

Parent, Dean & Jennifer/ 277 Dewing Rd Building-replace camp 2021-BP11 5/11/21 5/26/21

Dewing, Mr

White, Derick/ 229 Westcott Shore Rd Building-shed 2021-BP14 5/11/21 5/26/21

Mullen Lakeshore Inc

Wright, Brenda 1845 Riley Rd Building-new home 2021-BP13 5/8/21 5/23/21

Yandow, Keane LOT 4C, Kendall Rd Building-new home 2021-BP12 5/8/21 5/23/21

St. Pierre, Mark 2066 Colton Rd Building-new home 2021-BP10 4/29/21 5/14/21

St. Pierre, Brad 3787 Middle Rd Building-new home 2021-BP09 4/29/21 5/14/21

Richard, Thomas 1833 Riley Rd Certificate of Compliance 2021-CC06 4/29/21

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members:

Paulette Tatro James Pivorotto

Wesley Kempton Robert Irish

1 open position

ZBA Hearing Notices

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ZBA Minutes

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